Image Consulting

The knowledge of human nature and distinct sense for personalities, being able to see every facet of a human being rank among Niko’s expertise. She offers consultancy for everyone, whether it’s companies, brands or private persons. After working out a potential analysis for her clients, she creates a mindmap and elaborates optimization possibilities. In addition to that, her consultancy menu includes fashion and style advices as well as media presentation. But change always starts on the inside. That’s why Niko attaches great importance to authenticity, which is the first step to internal growth and living a balanced life. 

How do we start this?

Let's get to know each other! You talk, I listen, in order to know the most important aspects of your life in the present moment. These insights are the cornerstones for your personal mindmap that I create for you to visualize your status quo and analyze it. This process can also be applied to brands or companies and their portfolio.

Are you at your A-Game?

Do you already live your best life at your full potential? What is holding you back from achieving your goals, dreams, ambitions? These are some of the frequently asked question which we will work on together. Let me assist you in becoming the best version of yourself!

Change happens from within

Dive into your inner self - no fear, just faith! Internal growth should be on top of everyone's to-do-list! We teach you techniques to keep your energy level consistent in order to be present, strong and vibrant at all times.

On the menu: fashion & style, interior & jewelry

Our image consulting program not only includes self-optimization and a plan to fully expand your potential, it has some more options on it's menu! My team and I also help you to improve your style by cleaning your closet and giving it an all new and fresh setup! Also, reach out to us if you need a jewelry glam up or some help with your interior!

Remove the non-essentials!

Further, we help you to remove the non-essentials of your life. Creating structure is one of the most important steps to move on and set for new endeavours!