Our favourite designs by Nikola Fechter

Even though we decided to move on and focus on image consulting, we still adore the fabulous fabrics, feminine designs, go-to-basics and handcrafted accessories of our fashion collections. Our handmade jewelry pieces are pure and elegant items of fine craftsmanship. We created this archive in order to show you the most special pieces and designs of our past work! Take in the sights of our all time favorites and let them inspire you! 

The Diva 
The Canadian 
Deep Blue Chair 
Petrol Velvet Chair  
Triplet Necklace 
Sister Ring 
Initials Chain 
Ring Collection 
Bamboo Ring 
Eternity Ring  
Featherweight Pullover & Poncho  
Lena Dress  
Signature Vest  
Dutchess Skirt 
Loose Fit Turtleneck  
Oversize Turtleneck Pullover  
Double-Faced Cashmere Coat  
Boat Neck Manta Dress 
Daphne Dress 
Theresa Dress 
Patricia Dress  
Blue Lagoon Dress 
Hotpot Dress 
Icequeen Dress 
Michelle Dress  
Liza Coat  
Hotpot Dress & Brunellina Dress  
Gina Dress 
Ruffle Dress Stretch Lace 
Maureen Dress 
Pocket Dress  
Tweet Skirt & Oversize Blouse  
Tank Dress 
Theresa Dress Sequin 
Universe Dress 
Ruffle Dress long  
Theresa Dress long 
Bogi Dress 
Bogi Dress 
Nude Beauty Dress 
Theresa Dress Backless Sequin 
Birthday Tulip Dress & Windy Tulip Dress  
Flowy Silk Dress 
Summertime Glam Dress 
Leo Manta Dress 
Sixties Dress Silver 
Sixties Dress White  
Aureanne Dress 
Fusion Dress 
Turtleneck Silk Cashmere Dress 
Mikki Dress